Shaft Diameter: Standard 5/8

What Oars Does It Fit: All Common Oars

Metal: Stainless Steel

Custom Shaft Diameter Available: Yes

Custom Shaft Length Available: Yes

Warranty: 2-Year

​Made In: U.S.A

PRO-LOKS NEX-GEN Rowing System is the most advanced oar lock ever designed. By removing the rope wrap, the oar is now able to ride within a smooth bearing surface. This concept allows for incredibly quiet and friction free performance, sculling and feathering of the oars is simply flawless.

With our exclusive gimble concept, the NEX-GEN's radius movement is infinite. There is no “pinching” of the oar when standing and rowing. Extreme angles will not affect the performance of our system. In comparison to a standard oar lock, there is no “slop” within the PRO-LOKS which allows for a much more efficient transfer of energy to the oar.

There is a PRO-LOKS NEX-GEN upgrade available for the Classic PRO-LOKS. This simple upgrade comes with the NEX-GEN plastic replacement pieces while keeping your current stainless steel uprights.

The PRO-LOKS NEX-GEN system is available for most oars with the addition of our protective PRO-SLEEVE. The addition of the PRO-LOKS NEX-GEN to your current oars is guaranteed to enhance your current systems performance capabilities.

Our oar locks are constructed from high quality stainless steel with the industry standard 5/8 shaft size. Custom shaft diameters and lengths are available upon request. Just give us a call to discuss your personal rowing needs.

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