PRO-LOKS is 1st in performance with the lightest oar blade in the rowing industry. By using the highest quality carbon fiber available combined with world class manufacturing craftsmanship, we have developed a blade that is not only light but is exceptionally durable. Like our high-performance oars, our blades are covered with a full 2-year warranty.

With its unique teardrop design the PRO-LOKS blade has more surface area in the water during shallow conditions but also incorporates the extra surface area needed for the big water power stroke.

Light weight and durability is not all we have to offer, we engineered the PRO-LOKS blade to be the highest floating the rowing industry has ever seen. It literally “floats like a cork”.

No other blade can give you the combined overall performance that PRO-LOKS offers.  


Weight: 2.1 lbs

Does it Float: Yes

Shaft Size: 1 5/8 (Fits all common oars)


Made In: ​U.S.A